Why did Google buy YouTube for 1.6 billion dollars? Because Google is a marketing giant… and Google knows that Video Marketing is the wave of the future.

So armed with this knowledge, doesn’t it make sense to be creating videos to promote your brand & business?

Do you want to get noticed?  What are you doing to get seen, be heard, stand out? You must incorporate video marketing, RIGHT NOW into your overall strategy to increase your visibility and profits.

When attempting to market online it is important to stand out. That is why online marketers, businesses, real estate agents, home business owners, etc. are flocking to internet video marketing.

All you really need is a recording device, webcam, camcorder, flip, or even a camera with recording capabilities will work. I recommend starting with whatever you already have.

You can always purchase a better camera later, so don’t use that as an excuse to wait!

So, let’s get you started.

Here Are Your 7 Quick Tips:

1. Make sure you look directly into the camera.

2. Set the camera on a stable surface to avoid the shaky (Blair Witch Project) look.

3. Record where you’re comfortable.

4. Be yourself. 5. Smile!

6. Don’t be afraid to talk with your hands if that’s what you naturally do.

7. Watch some videos from a ‘video learning’ perspective. What stands out, good & bad. Learn from them, apply it to your video making.

After you make your video, you want to make sure that your customers, clients, viewer do not have to jump through hoops to purchase, opt-in, get on the waiting list, get updates, etc.  There is a new update/upgrade to a software that makes video marketing seamlessly integrate into social media, your blog, email, etc.

This software is simple to use… all you do is upload the video, and software creates a completely hands-free video sales page with built-in social sharing, commenting, and sales automation…

The coolest thing is…and you can do  it without touching a line of HTML code or writing a word of sales copy…it will be available beginning October 19th. I am on the EARLY BIRD waiting list.

Click here to get updates and learn more about MyEasyVideoPlayer.

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To Your Video Marketing Success,


P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments section. ;)

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