About Sye

“I believe you should use your presence to turn the wounds of your life into healing wisdom, love, and multi-faceted prosperity. It’s time to light a Godspark to your quiet internal fire. Replace the pain with purpose and SHINE.”  ~ Sye Wells


Sye Wells is an successful entrepreneur, wife, mother of two beautiful boys, business blogger, business consultant,  author, speaker, connection marketer, and friend. Most days she plays all roles. Which is why she founded The Connector’s Edge Ezine and Community.

I have a passion for personal growth, and for sharing innovative social media marketing techniques, tips and strategies to help others create a true lifestyle with out having to spending long and tedious hours.

Are you a business owner? Are you finding that you are working long hours, always on the computer, always on the phone with a client? Are you finding that people in your life are always telling you that you are not embracing life, you are not checking in, and you are not available? Do you ever feel like you are not able fully to show up to all aspects that matter to you in life?

Do you feel like there is never enough time in the day?

Why work anyway, if you can’t enjoy your life from the business and income sources you have created? Do you wish that you could have it all? A successful profitable business, lots of time and income to play and enjoy your moments with your family and friends, and still be able to enjoy your hobbies?

What if you could create an abundant lifestyle with ease …A lifestyle in which you could be authentically be you, and create from your passions online, and live “full out”? Have you ever asked yourself, what would my life look like if I could truly own it?

I am incredibly passionate about helping you realize that you absolutely can create an abundant lifestyle… it will not require you to work long, tedious, and hard hours daily or weekly to create a lifestyle that you truly deserve to own. You can live a “have it all” type of lifestyle through online and social media marketing. I will show you how on this blog right here.

With my proven strategies and techniques, I can help you work less and play more, and embrace life at the same time.  On this blog right here, you will learn how to reduce the time you are spending working in and on your business, increase the flow of income sources, and be in position to enjoy the fruits from your labor…

I am going to be writing to you often in my blog and share with you tips and pointers  on how you can create more online, in less time.. all while embracing and owning your life. You deserve to have it all.

A little about me

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth.. lol, I must admit.. the spoon was actually quite rusty.  I will always honor my biological mother and father, because they consciously decided that I deserved to be here. I am forever thankful.

Life has a way of presenting challenges to make us all stronger, I have definitely experienced my share from being the top sponsor and having a company go out of business, and thus feeling forced to re-enter the Corporate America scene.

Only to be laid off just 3 months after my first son, Jalen was born.

Then again a few years later.. I still hadn’t learned my lesson.


After having a high-paying and comfortable job I was let go again.

Feelings of dismay, frustration, depression, anger, and failure hit me….hard.I have learned how to grow through the “wall-kicking moments of life”. I have learned to have and grow a mindset of creating and growing through diversity. I have also learned how to have unshakeable faith.


I also learned that there will never.. ever be any real financial security in having a job. My children’s present and future would never be in the hands of a job…. If at any point and time you can be let go, right-sized, laid-off, or just pushed to the side.

I decided to rebuild my life again,  and to do it on my own terms.

Owning My Life

After relentless study, tons of personal development, and actively seeking out guidance from those that were living the life that I truly desired to live…

I found strong mentorship, strong effective training, and a powerful mastermind group.  I have applied what I learned, and finally have learned how to create and live an abundant life.


I never imagined I would become a blogger, business blogger, or be a creator blogging products. A few years ago if you would have asked me if I owned a blog, I would have laughed. I was an affiliate of a few companies, and I had my own services (but not an efficient way to market them).


Blogs to me, at least from what I had seen to that point, were chincy, non-professional, and appeared to be time-consuming.

Although I had several websites that I was successfully driving traffic to and receiving profits from, everything was not in one central place. However, through research, I found that blogs were being used by top notch and well known business owners, industry experts, coaches, consultants and more.

Even some of my mentors, the people that I have an incredible amount of respect for…. were successfully implementing blogging into their social media marketing strategy.  They were increasing the size of their list, increasing profits, building  better relationships with their clients and people who found their blog online.  


My brand had no home online. I realized quickly that I needed my own business blog.


I decided that I would learn how to blog for fun and profits. I wanted to continue to add value to my own in-house list of clients and friends online. Business blogging became an absolute obsession of mine. 

When the student is ready the teacher will appear….

I met a very success online marketer who had generated millions online,
and not only this they had a very thriving community and raving fans. They were doing this mostly through their business blog.  This person became my mentor.

I learned what worked, I shaved my learning curve tremendously and avoided some roadblocks, headaches, and unnecessary investments because I was smart enough to know that “I didn’t know”… and wanted someone who did to teach me.  I spent tons of money, endless hours, and had many sleepless nights. But I found it. I found my passion. Business Blogging!


I love business blogging.  I love teaching, coaching, connecting, and adding value with our blog community…. blogging became natural.  It is fun and profitable for me.  And it can and will be for you too!

I love having a blogging tribe, an ever growing list, a central hub to share my services and products, and a place to continue to connect with my clients and potential clients.Business blogging and social media marketing have been two critical keys to my success. 

And now I am here to serve you.


Do you own a business? Have you started your business blog? Are you have the type of success that you would like to have? Or are you just not too sure of what to do, where to go, what tools to use, how to bring value and have endless content to serve your readers?


I’ve been there… and now I am here to serve you.

Social media marketing and business blogging are very essential to brand building, profit generation, and online presence.


You don’t have to be a techie or  have a web design or development background to be successful. You need to be passionate about what you do, be a value-giver, be willing to do what it takes..consistently.


And if you if subscribe to this blog right here and stay tuned into the posts,  you will learn how create with ease, online and how to truly start owning your own life.

I  will share my life story with you in total transparency of  where I have come from, where I am, and where I am going. So please come back often, and post your honest feedback to my blog content.  I look forward to getting to know you, sharing with you, and creating with you. Life is great, why not max out!


Now let’s get started owning your life….

Go For Joy,

Look Who’s Talking

“Sye is innovative, creative and easy breezy to work with – Hire Sye and you won’t be disappointed in your results! ” :) Lisa Kitter

“When I first started following Sye Wells it was through her blog.  I enjoyed that she knew what she was talking about, and wanted to give my company the very BEST.  It wasn’t until I talked to her personally over the phone that I knew she was a woman of Faith and Integrity.  Not only did she listen to what my vision was, but she also made sure that there weren’t extras I was being charged for when I didn’t need to be. 
Because of her I have friends and family that are next on her list to have their Blogs/Sites done:)
I look forward to the future with Sye Wells as our business grows and friendship.”
Natalie Myers CEO of Grace Body Essentials


“ It has been such a pleasure to work with Sye Wells. As a person of passion, I recognize it when I see it.. and Sye’s GOT IT! She is not only passionate of what she does.. but efficient, creative, and totally knows her stuff. I needed my website done within a week and her and her team pulled it off! Very supportive and spent time with me on understanding my website. My clients love my new website and are going to be using Sye Wells for their upgrades. Thanks Sye again.. …Kathleen Pagnini


” I just have to say I am blessed. I have been trying to wear too many hats and be a master at it all. I learned a very big lesson this week from a beautiful lady named Sye Wells. I was trying to build my blog ,write for my blog, be a mommy of three, and tend to my other businesses as well. I went to Sye for some really quick blog creating advice what I got in return was a friendship that is priceless. She is so amazing. She quickly saw where I was strong and confident and where I could use a little more refinement. She knew where I was lacking and set out to create a plan to support me. Sye is an expert at creating relationships and knowing where someone’s strengths are. I left our first conversation with more confidence excitement and peace then I have had in a very long time. She is very warm calm and inviting.

I have a beautiful new blog, a sense of purpose and direction and I now know what I need to let go of (out source) and where to focus my energy.Thank you Sye!”  Christy Lee


“I have had the privilege to know and work with Sye for three years now. During this time I have gotten to know her as a business woman and a friend. She is super smart, talented, dedicated and loves to make the world a better place using her gifts, one being Network Marketing and Business Blogging. I call her often and ALWAYS learn something from her and she is truly a blessing. I look forward to learning more from this “Woman Of Wealth!” ~Laura Larosa


Sye is innovative, creative and easy breezy to work with – Hire Sye and you won’t be disappointed in your results! :) Lisa Kitter


“Im so excited my new website blog is almost completed..plus i have a new blog..im ready to post…. if anyone looking for the best website developer, that gives quality work. Sye Wells is who you want to contact…she and her team is awesome…  check her out!!!!” LaToya Tyrance