syewells“I believe you should use your presence to turn the wounds of your life into healing wisdom and multi-faceted prosperity. It’s time to stop hiding and light a Godspark to your quiet internal fire. Let go of pretty and say yes to profitable. Leverage your web presence and SHINE. ~ Sye Wells

About Sye

about-image-newSye is a speaker, website development consultant, entrepreneur and business coach. In addition to being a wife and mother of four boys in a “blended family,” Sye is an inspiration to hundreds of female entrepreneurs who follow her daily on social media and online.
(Photo: Sye was invited to join an expert speaking panel at the 2014 “You Can Succeed” event)

She founded the “Sye of Relief” page on Facebook which currently has over 19,000 likes to offer daily words of encouragement and inspiration to others. For your daily dose of inspiration you’re always invited to visit:

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Sye’s commitment and passion for helping other female entrepreneurs succeed in business undeniable; you can read the expressions of gratitude of some of the people she’s helped on the “Praise Page”.

In 2014 Sye and her partner released the first edition of “She’s The CEO” a FREE online daily newspaper dedicated to assisting female entrepreneurs. You can read a fresh new daily issue & subscribe by visiting:

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My Story


I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth.. lol, I must admit.. the spoon was actually quite rusty. I will always honor my biological mother and father, because they consciously decided that I deserved to be here. I am forever thankful.

Life has a way of presenting challenges to make us all stronger, I have definitely experienced my share from becoming a top producer inside of a company only to watch it go out of business within the year, and thus feeling forced to re-enter the Corporate America scene.

Working in the corporate world taught me some hard lessons but what I didn’t realize at the time is that it was making me stronger and more determined to never allow someone else to dictate my life.

I was laid off just 3 months after my first son, Jalen was born.

I went back to corporate a few years later…guess I still hadn’t learned my lesson.

I found another high-paying and “comfortable job” and then I was let go again in 2010, never to return!

Feelings of dismay, frustration, depression, anger, and failure hit me….hard. I have learned how to grow through the “wall-kicking moments of life”. I have learned to have and grow a mindset of creating and growing through diversity. I have also learned how to have unshakeable faith.

Owning My Life


After relentless study, tons of personal development, and actively seeking out guidance from those that were living the life that I truly desired to live…

sye-familyI found strong mentorship, strong effective training, and a powerful mastermind group. I have applied what I learned, and finally have learned how to create and live an abundant life.

I have a passion for personal growth, and for sharing innovative marketing techniques, tips and strategies to help others create a lifestyle; without having to spending long countless hours doing it. Your business should be the vehicle to give you the lifestyle you deserve; it’s not your life!

I will share my life story with you in total transparency of where I have come from, where I am, and where I am going. So please come back often, and post your honest feedback to my website content. I look forward to getting to know you, sharing with you, and creating with you. Life is great, why not max out!

Now let’s get started owning your life….

Keep Shining,

Look Who’s Talking

Sye knew what she was talking about, &wanted to give my company the very BEST. It wasn’t until I talked to her personally over the phone that I knew she was a woman of Faith and Integrity. Not only did she listen to what my vision was, but she also made sure that there weren’t extras I was being charged for when I didn’t need to be. I look forward to the future with Sye Wells as our business grows and friendship.
Natalie Myers, CEO of Grace Body Essentials
I LOVE working with AMAZING people. I had the honor of collaborating
with Sye Wells recently on a project to develop a website for me and my team. I love her fun professionalism and always willing to meet my needs and vision. Be sure to connect with Sye on her Sye Of Relief page where she shares inspiration encouragement for all. Loved working with you lady and thank you for making it such a fun and smooth project.
April Williams
I truly have loved working with you, and will continue to work with you. I am already getting people telling me how much they love my site.” And THIS IS WHY I LOVE SYE WELLS. I was so sure of what I wanted, and yet wasn’t sure how to get there.U helped me in the whole process. And that to me, is what not only a good designer is,but a excellent web presence consultant and trainer, one who listens, then helps me put it into MAGIC.
Carolyn Gill
Just spent two jammed packed hours learning very strategic Shine Online techniques from Sye Wells , Syber Sye-chologist. Wow I had no idea there was so much that could be done within the wordpress platform! She is a truly talented business person with so much to offer! If you don’t know her it’s time to! Great job Sye!
Kellie Kuecha,
When I see all this coming together I am reminiscent of the fact that no woman is an island and one person is only as successful as her team of coaches. Sye was my Lighthouse as I swam across what for me was like a deep ocean of unchartered waters. Now you see the results.I welcome your response to the message that we must create “time for what matters”.
Cynthia Mitchell,
Such an honor and pleasure to work with you lady! Always a fun and amazing experience! Love your professionalism and no-nonsense-get-the-job-done-right-the-first-time! I would have chosen NO ONE else to work on a project like this! Thank you for rocking it out with me!
Fun Fitness Team
Sye Wells, using this information was so easy, thanks for your expert instruction on the call today
Alicia Couri, AC Beauty, Owner
Sye is innovative, creative and easy breezy to work with – Hire Sye and you won’t be disappointed in your results! :)
Lisa Kitter
You are such a pleasure to work with Sye! My favorite moment was when you told me to make one of the pieces I submitted a little “juicier!” Lol
Jill quick
It was an Ex-Sye-Ting” time indeed working with you Sye Wells. Thank You for being an amazing Coach and Friend.
Avie Uniglicht
I made to the welcome page! ALL ON MY OWN!! Thanks to your expert and patient guidance. Love you.
Lori Tolson, The Soul Synergist
Sye Wells is a great combination of Heart and mind.
Allison Miller